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Stuðningsyfirlýsing frá DBIO

By maí 28, 2015desember 16th, 2016No Comments

Declaration of solidarity:

At the Danish Association of Biomedical Laboratory Scientists we want to show our support and solidarity with the members of The Icelandic Association of Biomedical Scientists who has gon on strike for more than a month.

We support their fight for better wages and working conditions. After a fatal economic crises and collapse of the banking system in 2008 Island is finally getting back on track. And the working people of Island should also be part of the current upswing in Island.

Therefore we support The Icelandic Association of Biomedical Scientists when they fight for higher salaries, just as doctors and teachers have been granted earlier this year. …

Sjá yfirlýsingu í heild:  declaration_of_solidarity_dbio.pdf